Faculty of Engineering Management was established in 2001 by the Minister of National Education and Sports as a result of the transformation of the Institute of Management and Marketing which had existed since 1993.

Considering the number of students, the Faculty of Engineering Management is currently the second largest faculty at Bialystok University of Technology with over 1600 students. So far, more than 15,000 graduates have completed studies at the Faculty of Engineering Management. The faculty employs 116 research and teaching personnel who are grouped into seven units:

  • Chair of Production Management
  • Chair of Business Informatics
  • Chair of Organization and Management
  • Chair of Marketing and Entrepreneurship
  • Division of Managerial Economics
  • Chair of Finance and Accounting
  • Chair of Tourism Management
  • International Chinese and Central-Eastern European Institute of Logistics and Service Science
Faculty of Engineering Management provides education in the following fields:
  • Management and Production Engineering – Bachelor and Master
  • Management and Services Engineering - Bachelor
  • Logistics - Bachelor and Master
  • Management – Bachelor and Master
  • Tourism and Leisure – Bachelor
  • Furniture Engineering - Bachelor (extramural).